The environment vs. Industrial Revolution

Phase 1
Begins to adapt the environment according to the needs and characteristics of a given people. Begin to see changes in the environment such as the construction of machines and factories, the advent of steam, coal exploitation and processing and utilization of iron. All this gradually began to cause environmental degradation.

Phase 2
The machines and factories that were created before get transform and became more and more. New factories appear and with this new products like: electricity, petroleum, use and transformation of the steel appear too. All these advances that are very good for the social and economic development are not so good for the environment because we are damaging the environment.

Phase 3
It is everything we know today and we can give an account as the world has gone out. As humanity moves will transform the environment according to their customs and needs. In this phase 3 development of humanity and all the technology created as: electricity, oil that is increasingly more developed and the media, transportation and technology that are the most recent that have shortened distances and have facilitated the society. We believe that we are progressing at all but this is not entirely without actually realizing it when technological progress in just destroyed our planet and this is checked and the environment created by scientific research.

• The industrial revolution contributed on an important and fundamental part for the development of the progress idea, but it is not up to one hundred fifty years after that the economic structure of the world underwent a significant transformation, per which a rural and artisan society became an urban, industrial and diversified society.

• According to the researchers in the period which saw the greatest deposition of soot on Arctic soil was from the years of the industrial revolution.

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