Industrial revolution

The industrial revolution started in England on 1733 with the first cotton mill. England wanted to keep the industrialization as a secret, so they could become the world power. They prohibited anyone who had worked in a factory to leave the country.
Samuel Slater, worked in a factory in England and then he went to United States and build a cotton machine and created his own company, but the industrial revolution brought bad consequences to America because they needed people who work by a low price so woman and kids started working.


The industrial revolution was a cruel period for kids. They had to work long hours in factories, suffering a lot, and they don’t had rights and either free time. There were thousand of kids without future because they were obligated to work in very big factories and they only work for having something to eat and survive. The saddest thing is that many kids died because of the pollution that the factories caused, other ones died because of the dangerous machines and works that they had to do and some other died because they were too tired of working so hard and so much.
Kids not only worked on factories they also worked in mines, collecting sea food and fruits, little sale mans and they had to do many other works.


1) When and where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
2) Why did England forbid factory workers to leave the country?
3) How did Samuel Slater contribute to the Industrial Revolution in America?
4) Name one of the bad consequences of the Industrial Revolution.


1) The industrial revolution started in England around 1733.
2) Because they wanted England to be the only country who has the industrial revolution.
3) Samuel Slater worked at a factory at England and then he went to USA and build the same machine and started his own company that means that the industrial revolution started at America.
4) One of the bad consequences of the industrial revolution is that kids had to work a lot and some of them died because they were too tired or because the pollution that the factory caused.

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