Colombia vs. England

1. ¿what country do you think has more natural sources Colombia or England?

I think Colombia has more natural sources than England because Colombia don’t have winter, spring, summer or autumn, is always like the same weather because it’s too close to the Equatorial line. Colombia has better floors and that helps the agriculture. Colombia has natural mines and oil and the government haven’t worked on that mines because there are in FARC territories. We have to take into account that England is an island and it is smaller than Colombia and the commerce may be very difficult because England is like in the middle of the sea.

2. ¿why do you think that that the science and technology have a great development in England and not in Colombia?

England was more advanced in 1800 and their education was more practical than theoretical , that makes that technology and science had a great advance, but in Colombia the education of the American colonies was more Theoretical than practical and was less advanced and the humanity had more importance that other things

3. Make an essay in which you tell what we have to do in Colombia to develop the science and technology.

Maybe we cut modify the education and we cut make it more practical than theoretical like in England in 1800. I think we cut do this because if it function in the last centuries it cut function now. It will be a new and good way to learn because we cut do new things and use new educative systems.

by: Ana Maria Perez

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